In addition to providing high quality supportive services for people with all disabilities, UCP Greater New Orleans is an advocacy organization. We advocate for the rights of individuals at the federal, state and local levels to ensure a life without limits for people with disabilities.

We partner with the Louisiana Alliance of Independent Providers, an organization of service providers dedicated to providing advocacy and needed quality supports for
individuals with disabilities across the state of Louisiana. Together with organizations of a similar mission and focus, we identify the most critical issues that can get in the way of providing a satisfying life for people with developmental disabilities. Some of those issues include; Housing, Employment, Health Care, Transportation, Education, Community Participation and Inclusion.

We focus on innovative ways to address the needs of our community and expand resources that enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities, their families, providers, and health care professionals.

If you would like information on how to make your voice heard locally, at the Capitol in Baton Rouge or in Washington, DC, please contact us at (504) 461-4266 and we will make sure that you are connected to resources so policy makers cannot ignore the needs of disabled citizens.